Adriana Rita Schultz Moreira

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This study evaluated the pulpal response in human dental pulp to direct pulp capping with the Single Bond Adhesive System (SBAS) after 10% or 37% phosphoric acid etching and after capping with Calcium Hydroxide (CH). The degree of bleeding and hemostasis conditions was considered during the adhesive technique. The pulps of 78 sound premolars were capped(More)
It is possible to obtain histological preparation of teeth and periodontium with satisfactory levels of quality by means of routine histological techniques, since specific cares are implemented during the sample processing. The formation of access ducts for the quick penetration of the fixative solution, the complete removal of the demineralizing agent and(More)
Background Maternal adaptations during pregnancy are needed to support the adequate growth and development of the fetus, delivery and lactation. They generate an insulin resistance status and altered lipid metabolism, which can evolve into an imbalance that may precede diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. These patterns of alterations are a result of(More)
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