Adriana Morales-Trejo

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Leucine (Leu) participates in the activity of cationic amino acid (aa) transporters. Also, branched-chain aa [Leu, isoleucine (Ile), and valine (Val)] share intestinal transporters for absorption. We conducted an experiment with 16 young pigs (body weight of about 16 kg) to determine whether Leu and Ile affect expression of aa transporters b(0,+) and(More)
Extraction of high-quality genomic DNA for PCR amplification from filamentous fungi is difficult because of the complex cell wall and the high concentrations of polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites that bind to or co-precipitate with nucleic acids. We developed a modified sodium dodecyl sulfate/phenol protocol, without maceration in liquid(More)
The absorption of lysine is facilitated by leucine, but there is no information regarding the effect of crude protein, lysine and leucine levels on the expression of cationic amino acid transporters in pigs. Therefore, an experiment was conducted with 20 pigs (14.9 +/- 0.62 kg initial body weight) to evaluate the effect of two protein levels, and the(More)
DNA isolation from some fungal organisms of agronomic importance is difficult because they have cell walls or capsules that are relatively unsusceptible to lysis. We have developed a fast DNA isolation protocol for Fusarium oxysporum, which causes fusarium wilt disease in more than 100 plant species, and for Pyrenochaeta terrestris, which causes pink root(More)
RNA isolation is essential to the study of gene expression at the molecular level. However, it is difficult to isolate RNA from organisms that contain large amounts of polysaccharides or other compounds that bind or coprecipitate with RNA, such as the unicellular protist Euglena gracilis. Currently, there is no commercial kit available that is specific for(More)
Cotton production in the Mexicali valley is adversely affected by wilt and root rot disease associated with Fusarium species. In the present study, we sought to isolate and identify the Fusarium species in the rhizosphere of transgenic insect-resistant cotton plants grown in the Mexicali valley. Our analyses isolated four native fungi from the rhizosphere(More)
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