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Fatty acids containing a cyclopropane ring in their structure (cyclopropane FA) have been found in a wide variety of bacteria, a number of protozoa, and Myriapoda. Little is known about cyclopropane FA in mammal, especially in human tissues. The present study deals with the identification of cyclopropane FA in adipose tissue and serum of humans and rats.(More)
We recently reported the presence of various cyclopropane fatty acids—among them, cyclopropaneoctanoic acid 2-hexyl—in the adipose tissue of obese women. The aim of this study was to verify whether the presence of cyclopropaneoctanoic acid 2-hexyl in human serum was associated with obesity or chronic kidney disease (both being related to dyslipidemia), and(More)
It is generally accepted that the location of body fat deposits may play an important role in the risk of developing some endocrine and metabolic diseases. We have studied the effect of food restriction and food restriction/refeeding, often practiced by individuals trying to lose body weight, on the expression of genes which are associated with obesity and(More)
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