Adriana Menoret

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Rhinebothrium paranaensis n. sp. (Tetraphyllidea: Cestoda) is described from the freshwater stingray Potamotrygon falkneri collected in the Colastiné River, a tributary to the Lower Parana River in Argentina. The specimens were studied in detail using light and scanning electron microscopy and histology. Rhinebothrium paranaensis can be distinguished from(More)
A new species of Grillotia was found from teleosts and elasmobranchs along the Patagonian shelf off Argentina. Grillotia patagonica n. sp. is described from plerocerci recovered from gadiform (Moridae) and perciform fish (Cheilodactylidae, Bovichtidae, and Nototheniidae) and adults from the smallthorn sand skate Psammobatis rudis (Rajiformes, Rajidae).(More)
Examination of the type material of Progrillotia dollfusi Carvajal et Rego, 1983, and of new specimens recently collected off the coast of Argentina (including plerocerci from 10 species of teleosts and adults from Squatina guggenheim Marini), allowed a detailed redescription of this species and the evaluation of its current taxonomic status. The following(More)
During a parasitological survey of teleosts and elasmobranchs in the Argentine Sea, 3 species of eutetrarhynchids were collected from the batoids Myliobatis goodei Garman and Psammobatis bergi Marini, and the shark Mustelus schmitti Springer. The specimens collected from Mu. schmitti were identified as Dollfusiela vooremi (Sπo Clemente et Gomes, 1989),(More)
During a recent parasitological survey of elasmobranchs along the coast of Argentina, two new species of eutetrarhynchid cestodes of the genera Dollfusiella Campbell et Beveridge, 1994 and Mecistobothrium Heinz et Dailey, 1974 were collected from batoids. Dollfusiella acuta sp. n. was found in four arhynchobatid skates, i.e. Sympterygia acuta Garman (type(More)
Two new species of Rhinebothrium (Cestoda, Rhinebothriidea) from potamotrygonid stingrays in the Neotropical region are herein described, which raises the total number of Rhinebothrium species known from Neotropical freshwaters to five. Rhinebothrium corbatai sp. n., and Rhinebothrium mistyae sp. n. were both collected from Potamotrygon motoro (Müller et(More)
Adults and plerocercoids of a new species of Heteronybelinia (Trypanorhyncha, Tentaculariidae) were recovered from the skate Sympterygia bonapartii (Rajiformes: Rajidae) and two species of teleosts, Raneya brasiliensis (Ophidiiformes: Ophidiidae) and Nemadactylus bergi (Perciformes: Cheilodactylidae), respectively. Heteronybelinia mattisi n. sp. differs(More)
Three new species of Aberrapex Jensen, 2001 (Cestoda: Lecanicephalidea) have been collected from species of Myliobatis Cuvier along the coast of Argentina. Aberrapex ludmilae sp. n. parasitises M. goodei Garman in the San Matías Gulf. This species is unique in a combination of features including the shape and extent of the uterus, scolex size, testis(More)
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