Adriana Loureiro

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PURPOSE (1) To describe the clinical characteristics of Purtscher and Purtscher-like retinopathies, including etiologies, fundoscopic signs, results of complementary investigation, treatments, and outcomes. (2) To compare visual acuity (VA) of patients receiving corticosteroids for PuR compared with observation. METHODS Systematic review of several(More)
This study compares the existing statistical association between suicide mortality and the characteristics of places of residence (municipalities), before and during the current economic crisis, in Portugal. We found that (1) the traditional culture-based North/South pattern of suicidal behaviour has faded away, while the socioeconomic urban/rural divide(More)
This study's aims are: (i) identifying spatial patterns for the risk of hospitalization due to mental illness and for the potential risk resulting from contextual factors with influence on mental health; and (ii) analyzing the spatial association between risk of hospitalization due to mental illness and potential risk resulting from contextual factors in(More)
INTRODUCTION Diabetes Mellitus is a public health problem that is on the increase throughout the world, including in Portugal. This paper aims to identify the changing geographic pattern of this cause of death in Portugal and its association with sociomaterial deprivation. MATERIAL AND METHODS This is a transversal ecological study of the deaths by(More)
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