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INTRODUCTION Although the spectrum of fungi causing bloodstream fungal infections continues to expand, Candida spp. remains responsible for the majority of these cases. OBJECTIVE The purpose of(More)
The profiles of 61 Candida tropicalis isolates from 43 patients (28 adults and 15 children) diagnosed with candidemia at two teaching hospitals in São Paulo, Brazil, were characterized by multilocus(More)
Candida haemulonii is now considered a complex of two species and one variety: C. haemulonii sensu stricto, Candida duobushaemulonii and the variety C. haemulonii var. vulnera. Identification (ID) of(More)
Trichosporon species are rare etiologic agents of invasive fungal infection in solid organ transplant (SOT) recipients. We report 2 well-documented cases of Trichosporon inkin invasive infection in(More)
The VITEK 2 system was evaluated for the identification of 74 Trichosporon invasive and non-invasive clinical isolates, comparing its results with the IGS1 sequencing. The system correctly identified(More)