Adriana Korczak

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Inter-individual differences in the phase of the endogenous circadian rhythms have been established. Individuals with early circadian phase are called morning types; those with late circadian phase are evening types. The Horne and Ostberg Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (MEQ) is the most frequently used to assess individual chronotype. The(More)
In this paper we analyze the strategic trading of insiders and the way insiders use short-lived private information. We argue that the decisions to trade or not to trade on foreknowledge of corporate news in short windows directly preceding the news announcements is likely to result from a trade-off between the incentives to capitalize on foreknowledge of(More)
We use a unique data set of more than 240,000 reported insider transactions across 15 European countries and the USA to analyze the link between country-level shareholder protection and abnormal returns following insider trades. We show that abnormal returns after insider transactions are positively correlated with country-level shareholder protection(More)
Authors present the occurrence of the psychopathologic disorders in the group of 33 patients (23 women and 10 men) with severe hepatic disorders (mostly cirrhotic non-alcoholic). Patients in the 20-69 age range were treated in the Medical Academy in Gdańsk in the years 1989-1993. 15 patients were examined twice at intervals from 6 months to 3 years. Using(More)
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