Adriana Hava

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—IPTV is a method of delivering TV content to end-users that is growing in popularity. It is a paid service, hence the implications of poor video quality may ultimately be a loss of revenue for the provider. Consequently, it is vital to provide service monitoring and reconfiguration mechanisms to ensure quality requirements set out in service level(More)
—Supporting ordinary home users to diagnose and resolve potential problems in their home wireless networks presents a significant opportunity to reduce support costs and increase user satisfaction. However the raw data necessary to identify even simple issues, such as a device being out of wireless range, require specific expertise to interpret. This paper(More)
—One difficulty facing Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service providers is the issue of monitoring and managing their service delivery network. An in-depth monitoring regime is required, which performs measurements within different networking devices. When network conditions deteriorate to the point where they could disrupt IPTV services, Network(More)
—Next generation telematic services are expected to play a key role in future automotive applications. In order to achieve strong integration between the services and the underlying network infrastructure there is a need for both simulation and emulation of the entire system. This paper presents a combined simulation and emulation approach for telematic(More)