Adriana Gonzalez-Rodriguez

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Abstract— This paper extends the traditional family of PWM DC-DC converters. By employing voltage capacitor-multipliers, converters provide high voltage gains. The capacitor multiplier of each converter is driven by the same transistor of the well-known basic topology. The main features of these new converters are: (i) high-voltage gain without extreme(More)
—This work deals with the experimental results of implementing a nonlinear state-affine observer for a shunt connected DC motor. The observer is able to estimate the state variables and one unknown parameter. The rest of the parameters are modeled by algebraic functions that are based on data obtained from experimental steady state and transient tests.(More)
—This work deals with the modeling and parametric identification of a motor-generator set. Nonlinear and linearized dynamic models are derived. By utilizing the structure defined by the linear model and a predictor-error algorithm the parametric identification is accomplished. The methodology is performed on an experimental setup. Several custom-made power,(More)
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