Adriana Giangrande

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The material, including all portions thereof, is protected by copyright; all rights are held exclusively by Springer Science + Business Media. The material is for personal use only; commercial use is not permitted. Unauthorized reproduction, transfer and/or use may be a violation of criminal as well as civil law. Abstract The general aim of setting up a(More)
Vibrios are among the most abundant culturable microbes in aquatic environments. They can be either free-living in the water column or associated with several marine organisms as mutualists, saprophytes, or parasites. In the present study we analysed vibrios abundance and diversity in the mucus of the polychaete Myxicola infundibulum, complementing(More)
The marine aquarium industry has great potential to generate jobs in low-income coastal communities creating incentives for the maintenance of a healthy coral reef, if effectively managed. In the absence of current monitoring or legislation to govern the trade, baseline information regarding the species, number and source location of animals traded is(More)
The external gestation of sexually ripe females of the species Exogone naidina (Polychaeta, Syllidae) is described by means of SEM and TEM analysis. The eggs, embryos and juveniles are attached in close vicinity of each parapodial complex in a position immediately below each ventral cirrus and are connected to the female by a cup like structure. The(More)
During several surveys conducted along the Ionian coast of Italy, specimens belonging to two species of the genera Monticellina and Protocirrineris were collected and described as new species in the present study. Protocirrineris purgamentorum sp. nov., collected from hard bottom near a sewage outfall, is mainly characterized by having branchiae commencing(More)
In order to utilize the biomass of the polychaete Sabella spallanzanii Gmelin as a dietary supplement for fish nourishment, we conducted some experiences of rearing this worm in the Mediterranean Sea. A preliminary study on the growth of this species on suspended plastic nets was conducted in two sites of the Apulian coast with different trophic features.(More)
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