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Title In vitro antimycobacterial activity of nine medicinal plants used by ethnic groups in Sonora, Mexico Authors: Ramón Enrique Robles-Zepeda; Enrique Wenceslao Coronado-Aceves; Carlos Arturo Velázquez-Contreras; Eduardo Ruiz-Bustos; Moisés Navarro-Navarro; Adriana GaribayEscobar. Adriana Garibay-Escobar ( Ramón Enrique(More)
The use of advanced primary treatment (APT) to remove helminth ova from wastewater has raised the issue of treating the generated sludge to allow its reuse or disposal. Several studies have been performed in Mexico in order to treat the sludge with the main goal of destroying helminth ova and bacteria, one of them analysing the acid treatment. Previous(More)
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