Adriana G. Maranhão

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During 1998-2005, we analyzed stool samples from 289 children in Rio de Janeiro to detect and genotype no-rovirus strains. Previous tests showed all samples to be negative for rotavirus and adenovirus. Of 42 (14.5%) no-rovirus-positive specimens, 20 (47.6%) were identified as genogroup GI and 22 (52.3%) as GII.
The management of childhood diarrhoea at the household level was studied in a population-based survey in four states in north-east Brazil. Of a representative sample of 6524 children under 5 years of age, 982 (15.1%) had diarrhoea on the day of the interview or had had diarrhoea at some time during the previous 15 days. A total of 66% of the children were(More)
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