Adriana Ferreira Souza

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A small combinatorial library of LDTI mutants (5.2 x 10(4)) restricted to the P1-P4' positions of the reactive site was displayed on the pCANTAB 5E phagemid, and LDTI fusion phages were produced and selected for potent neutrophil elastase and plasmin inhibitors. Strong fusion phage binders were analyzed by ELISA on enzyme-coated microtiter plates and the(More)
The fly Haematobia irritans irritans is one of the most important ectoparasites in cattle production, due to its ability to suck large amounts of blood. This report describes the purification and characterization of a serine proteinase inhibitor (HiTI) present in H. i. irritans head and thorax extracts. The HiTI purified by affinity chromatography on(More)
Almost all oleaginous microorganisms are available for biodiesel production, and for the mechanism of oil accumulation, which is what makes a microbial approach economically competitive. This study investigated the potential that the yeast Candida lipolytica UCP0988, in an anamorphous state, has to produce simultaneously a bioemulsifier and to accumulate(More)
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