Adriana Duque

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In Antioquia and Chocó, traditional healers attend 60% of snakebites. With the aim to produce an inventory of the plants used by the healers to treat snakebites and to document the methods of preparation, administration, the dosage, number of patients treated throughout their years of practice with treatment results, 20 healers with experience in Bothrops,(More)
A pretreatment that combines a thermo-mechanical process (extrusion) with chemical and biological catalysts to produce fermentable sugars from barley straw (BS) biomass was investigated. BS was firstly extruded with alkali and then, the pretreated material (extrudate) was submitted to extrusion with hydrolytic enzymes (bioextrusion). The bioextrudate was(More)
Seismic micro hazard zonation is the first step towards a seismic risk analysis and mitigation strategy. Essential here is to obtain a proper understanding of the local subsurface conditions. In this study it is demonstrated that it is possible to make better use of any (limited) geotechnical, geomorphological and geological information by creating a(More)
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