Adriana Draghici

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Autonomic behavior has emerged as a solution for the issues related to performance improvement and resource-usage optimization in large scale distributed systems. This solution relies on monitoring services to keep track of the states of the managed systems. However, most of the monitoring services are designed to provide general resource information and do(More)
We present Teamwork, an easy to use, portable system for team management. The distinguishing key feature of our solution is enhanced privacy provided by two means. First of all, all user content is moved from the cloud directly to users' devices, which share the data through a Peer-to-Peer overlay network for content distribution. Secondly, all content(More)
The autonomic management of large-scale distributed systems now allows performance improvement, availability, and security, while simultaneously reducing the effort and skills required of system administrators. One way that systems can support these abilities is by relying on a continuous monitoring service to keep track of the states of the targeted(More)
Peer-to-Peer protocols currently form the most heavily used protocol class in the Internet, with BitTorrent, the most popular protocol for content distribution, as its flagship. A high number of studies and investigations have been undertaken to measure, analyse and improve the inner workings of the BitTorrent protocol. Approaches such as tracker message(More)
This paper presents a versatile, multi-role robotic platform optimized for advanced motion in line-following scenarios with application to robotic contests, education and specialized tasks. Generally, academic robotic platforms either provide only basic motion features, or are too specialized. Our platform's goal is to be sufficiently versatile to be(More)
The continuous development of Internet bandwidth, communication and content variety have enabled peer-to-peer protocols to take place among the most heavily used protocols in the Internet, with BitTorrent as the current flagship. Recent research has focused on measuring Peer-to-Peer systems and proposing improvements and enhancements to existing protocol(More)
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