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The article describes the main features of the website SIBIL (Sistema Informativo per la Bioetica In Linea) implemented within the framework of a research project of the ISS for collecting, indexing and disseminating Italian literature on bioethics since 1995 through an integrated electronic system. The site, addressed to a wide range of people interested(More)
An objective evaluation of a scientific activity is required to reduce partialities and mistakes, thus allowing a more reliable judgement. Therefore, the role of scientific literature, as the most direct expression of research activity, is increasing; for a better evaluation, bibliometric and bibliographic indicators have been developed. Bibliometric(More)
In this paper we present a compilation of quantitative literature data on volatile compounds in 15 food items including some brandies, meats, oils as well as vegetables, vinegar and potatoes. Levels of the volatile compounds identified (approximately 900) in this group of food items are generally in the ppm range. Carboxylic acids were present in much(More)
Quantitative data on volatile compounds have been reported in 16 food items. No publications reporting quantitative data were found for two of these 16 food products, i.e. avocado and jackfruit. About 550 volatile compounds have been assayed globally in the other 14 food products. Mango and raspberry were the products with the greatest number of volatile(More)
This paper is a compilation of quantitative data available on volatile compounds reported so far in 18 food items including some legume, cereals, grapes and cheeses as well as crab, lobster, cocoa and chocolate. No publications reporting quantitative data were found for five of these 18 food products, i.e. sultana grape, broad beans, cassava, oat and rye.(More)
Information technology has brought about changes in the work patterns of researchers and scientists. After some hints on the on-line facilities needed to be connected to the international host computers, an analysis is made of some of the main automated sources available to retrieve information on chemical substances. Special emphasis is given to(More)
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