Adriana De Souza

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Hybrid spaces arise when virtual communities (chats, MUDs and MMORPGs) previously enacted in what was conceptualized as cyberspace, migrate to physical spaces due to the use of mobile technologies as interfaces. Mobile interfaces, such as cell phones, allow users to be constantly connected to the Internet while walking through urban spaces. This paper(More)
Self sustainable microgrids are becoming a reality in power systems, given the increasingly penetration of dispatchable Distributed Generation (DG) and Renewable Power Generation (RPG). Thus, a distribution system becomes a microgrid, and a microgrid may evolve into smart grid, if control and communications are considered. This paper addresses islanded(More)
The demand profile knowledge is vital for a wide variety of power systems studies. Furthermore, meaningful information may be obtained regarding optimization and maximization decision-making strategies that may help a wide variety of consumers optimize their facilities usage, redefine low priorities equipment operating hours, as well as promote actions(More)
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