Adriana Climescu-Haulica

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Protocadherins are transmembrane proteins exhibiting homophilic adhesive activities through their extracellular domain. Protocadherin 12 (Pcdh12) is expressed in angiogenic endothelial cells, mesangial cells of kidney glomeruli, and glycogen cells of the mouse placenta. To get insight into the role of this protein in vivo, we analyzed PCDH12-deficient mice(More)
BACKGROUND This work explores the quantitative characteristics of the local transcriptional regulatory network based on the availability of time dependent gene expression data sets. The dynamics of the gene expression level are fitted via a stochastic differential equation model, yielding a set of specific regulators and their contribution. RESULTS We(More)
In the context of stochastic dependency of the noise and signal - as in the case of the reverberation noise - the classical methods of signal detection are not applicable. The paper presents a likelihood ratio detection method based on stochastic calculus. The novel aspects of the method are: the signal and the noise need not be stochastically independent(More)
A classification strategy based on δ-patterns is developed via a combinatorial optimization problem related with the maximal clique generation problem on a graph. The proposed solution uses the cross entropy method and has the advantage to be particularly suitable for large datasets. This study is tailored for the particularities of the genomic data.
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