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Consultations with Interest Groups and the Empowerment of Executives: Evidence from the European Union
We examine how an executive's consultations with interest groups during the formative stage of the policy process affect its bargaining success during the decision-making stage after it has proposedExpand
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Issues, preferences and ties: determinants of interest groups' preference attainment in the EU environmental policy
Some interest groups are more successful than others in translating their policy preferences into policy outputs at the EU level. This study investigates why this is the case by testing anExpand
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The state of the discipline: authorship, research designs, and citation patterns in studies of EU interest groups and lobbying
ABSTRACT Which European universities and research centres are most prominent in research on European Union (EU) interest groups? What are the theoretical perspectives employed currently in thisExpand
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Quantitative text analysis and the study of EU lobbying and interest groups
Interest groups’ policy position documents constitute an important data source for estimating their policy positions and lobbying success. We examine applications of quantitative text analysis toExpand
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Designing stakeholder consultations: reinforcing or alleviating bias in the European Union system of governance?
Consultations with stakeholders are a policy instrument widely used by policy makers to design policies and prepare legislative proposals across national and supranational systems of government. TheExpand
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Regulating European Union lobbying: in whose interest?
ABSTRACT Designing a regime regulating supranational lobbying is a contentious topic in the EU interinstitutional dialogue. Recently, the Commission drafted a proposal for an InterinstitutionalExpand
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Explaining Interest Groups' Articulation of Policy Preferences in the European Commission's Open Consultations: An Analysis of the Environmental Policy Area
Why do some interest groups express more policy preferences than others during open consultations organized by the European Commission? This article examines this question by testing an explanatoryExpand
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Unveiling patterns of contestation over Better Regulation reforms in the European Union
Regulatory reforms labelled ‘Better Regulation’ are a prominent item on the political agendas of most advanced democracies and the European Union. Governments adopt Better Regulation measures toExpand
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Sharing ties and preferences: Stakeholders’ position alignments in the European Commission’s open consultations
What explains interest groups’ position alignments in the European Commission’s open consultations? The article argues that formal membership ties facilitate organisational coordination and theExpand
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