Adriana Branchi

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T he prevalence of obesity is increasing among western populations, bringing about a parallel rise in the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (1), which is strictly related to overweight (2). There is full agreement that lifestyle changes primarily focused on weight reduction are the first-line approach to patients with the metabolic syndrome (3). In(More)
Aims. To investigate the postprandial changes in serum lipoproteins and blood glucose and to verify whether different nutrient composition of the meal elicits different response in patients with (MetS+) and without (MetS-) metabolic syndrome. Research Design and Methods. 50 MetS+ patients and 50 age- and sex-matched MetS- consumed a regular lunch chosen(More)
Increased prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) has been recently detected in patients with painful sensory neuropathy. To determine whether nerve abnormalities are present in IGT we investigated IGT subjects without clinical neuropathy. Nerve conduction studies (NCS) were performed in 12 subjects with IGT without symptoms and signs of neuropathy.(More)
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