Adriana Balan

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AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the level of knowledge and the current attitudes towards infection control in the dental offices in the Northeast Romania. MATERIAL AND METHODS Questionnaire-based study conducted on 152 dentists aged between 25-65 years practicing in 6 Northeast Romania counties. The questionnaire included questions related to(More)
We extend Barr's well-known characterization of the final coalgebra of a Set-endofunctor H as the completion of its initial algebra to the Eilenberg-Moore category Alg(M) of algebras associated to a Set-monad M, if H can be lifted to Alg(M). As further analysis, we introduce the notion of commuting pair of endofunctors (T, H) with respect to a monad M and(More)
The notions of Galois and cleft extensions are generalized for coquasi-Hopf algebras. It is shown that such an extension over a coquasi-Hopf algebra is cleft if and only if it is Galois and has the normal basis property. A Schneider type theorem ([33]) is proven for coquasi-Hopf algebras with bijective antipode. As an application, we generalize(More)