Adriana Érica Yamamoto

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INTRODUCTION Preventing perioperative tissue oxygen debt contributes to a better postoperative recovery. Whether the beneficial effects of fluids and inotropes during optimization of the oxygen delivery index (DO2I) in high-risk patients submitted to major surgeries are due to fluids, to inotropes, or to the combination of the two is not known. We aimed to(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess through high-resolution computed tomography the pulmonary parenchyma of children prematurely born with both very low birth weight and patent ductus arteriosus submitted to medical or surgical treatment that developed bronchopulmonary dysplasia. METHODS Between December 2006 and January 2007, 14 children prematurely born with a weight(More)
BACKGROUND Long periods of ischemia can cause organ injury and dysfunction. The protein degradation occurring in the muscular layer and in the mucosa of the intestinal wall during ischemia may release amino acids into the intestinal lumen or into the circulation. The small intestine, like skeletal muscle, cannot synthesize or degrade tyrosine. Thus, the(More)
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