Adrian Y. S. Lee

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Chemokines and their cognate receptors have been identified as major factors initiating and governing cell movement and interaction. These ligands and their receptors are expressed on a wide variety of cells and act during steady-state migration as well as inflammatory recruitment. CCR6 is a non-promiscuous chemokine receptor that has only one known(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine coroner's reports of completed suicide in Tasmania with the intention of characterizing the influence of gender and other factors. METHOD One hundred coroner's reports from Tasmania 2010-2012 were examined and basic demographic details (age, gender), suicide method, medical, psychiatric, psychosocial and drug factors were collected.(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was (1) to examine global and Australian data with a view to determining the presence of an inverse relationship between suicide and homicide rates, and (2) to examine global Human Development Index (HDI) values and suicide and homicide rates, with a view to determining any statistical relationship. METHOD Suicide and homicide rates and(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge and understanding of basic biomedical sciences remain essential to medical practice, particularly when faced with the continual advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities. Evidence suggests, however, that retention tends to atrophy across the span of an average medical course and into the early postgraduate years, as(More)
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