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1 Amine local anaesthetics inhibited the binding of (-)-[3H]-quinuclidinyl benzilate ((-)-[3H]-QNB) to muscarinic receptors in crude synaptosomal preparations from guinea-pig brain. The order of potency was SKF 525A greater than tetracaine greater than procaine congruent to quinidine greater than procainamide greater than bupivacaine greater than lignocaine(More)
A family of triarylamine-fullerene conjugates has been synthesized and shown to self-assemble upon light stimulation in chlorinated solvents. This light-induced process primarily involves excitation of triarylamine derivatives, which then oxidize and stack with their neutral counterparts to form charge transfer complexes in the form of p-conducting(More)
Diabetic cardiomyopathy has been systematically associated with compromised mitochondrial energetics and increased generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that underlie its progression to heart failure. Methylene blue is a redox drug with reported protective effects mainly on brain mitochondria. The purpose of the present study was to characterize the(More)