Adrian Weller

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Deep learning has attracted tremendous attention from researchers in various fields of information engineering such as AI, computer vision, and language processing [Kalchbrenner and Blunsom, 2013; Krizhevsky et al., 2012; Mnih et al., 2013], but also from more traditional sciences such as physics, biology, and manufacturing [Anjos et al., 2015; Baldi et(More)
For the MIREX 2010 Audio Chord Extraction task, we submitted a total of four systems. Our base system is a trainable chord recognizer based on two-band chroma representations and using a Structured SVM classifier to replace the more familiar hidden Markov model. We submit two versions of this system, one which transposes all training data through all 12(More)
Myopathy has been found to develop spontaneously in 100% of SJL/J mice between 6 and 8 months of age. Extent of muscular involvement and mouse strength were quantified in SJL/J mice and Balb/c control mice 2-16 months old. Muscle from young SJL/J mice exhibited histopathological abnormalities and occasional inflammatory infiltrate. By 6 months, 78% of SJL/J(More)
Chord sequences are a compact and useful description of music, representing each beat or measure in terms of a likely distribution over individual notes without specifying the notes exactly. Transcribing music audio into chord sequences is essential for harmonic analysis, and would be an important component in content-based retrieval and indexing, but(More)
Linear programming (LP) relaxations are widely used to attempt to identify a most likely configuration of a discrete graphical model. In some cases, the LP relaxation attains an optimum vertex at an integral location and thus guarantees an exact solution to the original optimization problem. When this occurs, we say that the LP relaxation is tight. Here we(More)
SJL mice spontaneously develop B cell lymphomas (historically described as reticulum cell sarcomas) by 12 months of age and inflammatory muscle disease (myositis) by 6 months of age. Tumors originate in mesenteric lymph nodes and in Peyer's patches and resemble human germinal center lymphomas. The growth of reticulum cell sarcomas is completely dependent on(More)
When belief propagation (BP) converges, it does so to a stationary point of the Bethe free energy F , and is often strikingly accurate. However, it may converge only to a local optimum or may not converge at all. An algorithm was recently introduced by Weller and Jebara for attractive binary pairwise MRFs which is guaranteed to return an !-approximation to(More)
Finding the most likely (MAP) configuration of a Markov random field (MRF) is NP-hard in general. A promising, recent technique is to reduce the problem to finding a maximum weight stable set (MWSS) on a derived weighted graph, which if perfect, allows inference in polynomial time. We derive new results for this approach, including a general decomposition(More)