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The primary objective of this paper was to determine the extent and nature of interspecies differences in axon calibre and myelin sheath thickness and in the various relationships between these. Morphometric analysis of the axon perimeter-myelin sheath thickness relationship was performed on an equivalent nerve fibre population in a mammal, the rat, a bird,(More)
BACKGROUND The surgical insult induces an inflammatory response that activates P38 MAP kinases and solid tumours can also release cytokines. Therfore inhibition of these pathways may reduce tumour growth We set out to examine the effects of P38-MAPK inhibition on apoptosis, proliferation, VEGF release and cell cycle effects in-vitro and on primary tumour(More)
CONTEXT Coeliac artery stenosis is a condition affecting a minority of patients undergoing pancreaticoduodenectomy. In such cases, the development of collateral pathways through the blood supply of the pancreatic head provides challenges for surgical management. CASE REPORT We report a case of coeliac artery stenosis in a patient undergoing(More)
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