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INTRODUCTION The efficacy of nebulized sodium nitrite (AIR001) has been demonstrated in animal models of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), but it was not known if inhaled nitrite would be well tolerated in human subjects at exposure levels associated with efficacy in these models. METHODS Inhaled nebulized sodium nitrite was assessed in three(More)
physiological processes, much effort has been devoted to the development of methods for detecting glucose in food and biological matrices. However, the development of direct methods has been hindered by the lack of a suitable chromophore or electrophore, and hence more complicated methods have been adopted for glucose determination. Two of these methods,(More)
trode configuration, in which a current is applied between the auxiliary and working electrodes and the potential of the working electrode (measured with respect to the reference electrode) is monitored. The basis of controlled current experiments is that a redox (electron transfer) reaction must occur at the surface of the working electrode in order to(More)
widely used for the initial characterization of electrochemically active systems. In addition to indicating the number of different oxidation states, and their relative energies, CV can also be used for mechanistic studies of systems in which the electron transfer reactions are coupled to chemical reactions, due to the characteristic appearance of cyclic(More)
The basis of potentiometry is the Nernst equation, which relates the concentration of electroactive species at the surface of an electrode (C) to the potential of that electrode (E); that is, for the reaction O + e = R where E is the formal redox potential of the electron transfer reaction. In a potentiometry experiment, the open-circuit potential (i.e.,(More)
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