Adrian V. Gheorghe

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This paper introduces the ®eld of integrated regional risk assessment and safety management for energy and other complex industrial systems. The international initiative includes compilation of methods and guidelines, development of various models and Decision Support Systems (DSS) to assist implementation of various tasks of risk assessment at the regional(More)
Biographical notes: Adrian V. Gheorghe has an MSc in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Power Engineering, Bucharest Polytechnic Institute (1968), Romania. He holds a PhD in Systems Science/Systems Engineering from City University, London, UK (1975). He also holds an MBA from the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (1985) and an MSc in(More)
A unified approach to clinical decision-making is presented. This combines partially observable Markovian decision processes (Markov or semi-Markov) with cause-effect models as a probabilistic representation of the diagnostic process. Pattern recognition techniques are used in a first stage of system state identification. This new class of dynamic models(More)
In order to manage risks, emergency planning and preparedness procedures are currently in use. The advent of Information Technology (IT) in the field of emergency management opened vast possibilities for the development of Integrated Decision Support Systems (IDSS). They are designed to perform calculations, make risk representation, fully interact with(More)
Within the quest for quantitative methods to assess critical infrastructure vulnerabilities, a method is proposed to assess system vulnerability in terms of probabilities that the system undergoes significant changes, or even disintegrates under progressive stress – a natural approach in, e.g., the trade of material testing. Whilst, in the context, the(More)