Adrian Tanasa

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After its introduction (initially within a group field theory framework) in [Tanasa A., the multi-orientable (MO) tensor model grew over the last years into a solid alternative of the celebrated colored (and colored-like) random tensor model. In this paper we review the most important results of the study of this MO model: the implementation of the 1/N(More)
Three-dimensional random tensor models are a natural generalization of the celebrated matrix models. The associated tensor graphs, or 3D maps, can be classified with respect to a particular integer or half-integer, the degree of the respective graph. In this paper we analyze the general term of the asymptotic expansion in N , the size of the tensor, of a(More)
In this paper we give a new proof of the universality of the Tutte polynomial for matroids. This proof uses appropriate characters of Hopf algebra of matroids, algebra introduced by Schmitt (1994). We show that these Hopf algebra characters are solutions of some differential equations which are of the same type as the differential equations used to describe(More)
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