Adrian T. Press

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Sepsis elicits profound changes in the concentrations of plasma proteins synthesized by liver parenchymal cells referred to as acute-phase proteins. Mechanisms controlling this orchestrated response include release of cytokines that induce acute-phase proteins, while other 'house-keeping' genes are downregulated. RECENT FINDINGS Although(More)
Efficient delivery of short interfering RNAs reflects a prerequisite for the development of RNA interference therapeutics. Here, we describe highly specific nanoparticles, based on near infrared fluorescent polymethine dye-derived targeting moieties coupled to biodegradable polymers. The fluorescent dye, even when coupled to a nanoparticle, mimics a ligand(More)
Polymer-based nanoparticles are promising drug delivery systems allowing the development of new drug and treatment strategies with reduced side effects. However, it remains a challenge to screen for new and effective nanoparticle-based systems in vitro. Important factors influencing the behavior of nanoparticles in vivo cannot be simulated in screening(More)
Taurolidine has been used for peritonitis, oncological and catheter-lock treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It has been suggested that taurolidine has no severe side-effects, but after long-term use morphological and functional changes of the liver were reported. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of short-term use of(More)
Mitochondria contribute to redox and calcium balance, and apoptosis thus regulating cellular fate. In the present study, mitochondrial staining applying a novel dye, V07-07059, was performed in human embryonic kidney cells, a human vascular endothelial cell line and primary human mononuclear cells. The new fluorescent mega Stokes dye (peak excitation: 488(More)
A primary amino-functionalized methyl methacrylate-based statistical copolymer is covalently coupled with retinoic acid (RA) and a fluorescent dye (DY590) in order to investigate the feasibility of the RA containing polymeric nanoparticles for Raman imaging studies and to study the possible selectivity of RA for hepatic stellate cells via intravital(More)
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