Adrian Szymanski

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Transthoracal approach to the thoracic spine is presented. It has been used in 19 patients with trauma or tumor within thoracic spine. This approach allowed for direct access to the vertebral body where the pathology was located. Transthoracal approach, however, should be performed by a surgeon with sufficient knowledge of thoracic surgery.
It has been shown that VR techniques can be usefully applied in the field of sensorimotor disturbances. Virtual scenarios can be created in which patients perform specific motor tasks. Using an optoelectronic position tracking system for motion recording as well as for interaction with virtual objects, and using Virtual Holography as an adequate(More)
In the paper hybrid control for Polish cardiosurgical robot RobIn Heart 3 has been presented. Classical position-force control with modification introduced by Fisher and Mujtaba has been simulated with dynamics model of this robot. It has been conducted extensive simulation study, which should give an answer to the question, if selected motion patterns,(More)
Results of surgical treatment of secondary glaucoma (caused by uveitis, aphakia, injury) in adults and children are presented. Topical and general corticosteroids were applied immediately after trabeculectomy (deep sclerectomy). A favourable percentage of normalization of the IOP was observed together with a small amount of early and late postoperative(More)
Fifteen patients with bilateral secondary glaucoma caused by rubeosis iridis in the course of diabetes were operated; one eye was subjected to a simple trabeculectomy, the fellow-eye to filtrating trabeculectomy by Nesterow's method; antiglaucomatous operations were preceded by a panretinal photocoagulation. After at least 3 years of observation the more(More)
Presented is the evaluation of the usefulness of the SRK formula for the calculation of the power of the intraocular anterior chamber lens of Pannu type. This accuracy is characterised by the value of the postoperative deviation of refraction of the operated eye. It has been noticed that the value of this deviation is fluctuating in the early postoperative(More)
The authors evaluated the transparency of lenses in persons on a stand predisposing to the formation of a glassblower cataract as well as in office clerks. They used for their measurements a fluorophotometer (Fluorotron Master) and an opacity lensmeter. In a group of 40 ironmasters they found a considerable fall in light transparency through the lens and a(More)
The results of an analysis on new cases of pulmonary tuberculosis from contacts with sputum positive tuberculosis are discussed. In subjects with contacts with sputum positive tuberculosis the incidence rates were 16 fold higher in comparison with the general population. In patients that reported contacts with sputum negative tuberculosis the incidence(More)