Adrian Spitzer

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Based on statistical analysis of data in 186 children, a formula was derived which allows accurate estimation of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) from plasma creatinine and body lenght (GFR(ml/min/1.73 sq m) = 0.55 length (cm)/Per (mg/dl). Its application to clearance data in a separate group of 223 children reveals excellent agreement with GFR estimated by(More)
The formula GFR = kL/Pcr can be used to estimate GFR in infants, children, and adolescents who have grossly normal body habitus and are in steady-state condition. GFR is expressed in ml/min per 1.73 m2 BSA, L represents body length in cm, Pcr represents plasma creatinine concentration in mg per dl and k is a constant of proportionality that reflects the(More)
Hypertension and pregnancy-related hypertension are major public health problems of largely unknown causes. We describe a mutation in the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR), S810L, that causes early-onset hypertension that is markedly exacerbated in pregnancy. This mutation results in constitutive MR activity and alters receptor specificity, with progesterone(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a serum-free culture system that could support high levels of cleavage and blastocyst formation from sheep zygotes developed in vitro. To this end, we investigated the effects on sheep zygote development of amino acids, ammonium, vitamins, and culture of embryos in groups in Synthetic Oviduct Fluid (SOF) medium(More)
A total of 132 infants and children with grades III and IV primary vesicoureteral reflux was entered into a prospective trial comparing medical to surgical management. Inclusion criteria were an age not exceeding 10 years and a glomerular filtration rate of at least 70 ml. per minute per 1.73 m.2. Children with significant urinary tract malformations and(More)
SPITZER, ADRIAN, AND ERICH E. WINDHAGER. Efect of peritubular oncotic pressure changes on proximal tubular @id reabsorption. Am. J. Physiol. 218(4): 1188-l 193. 1970.-To evaluate directly the effect of changes in postglomerular capillary blood oncotic pressure on fluid reabsorption by proximal tubules of rat kidneys, an in vivo method of microperfusion of(More)
The mechanism responsible for enhanced reabsorption of phosphate (Pi) in growing animals was assessed in renal brush-border membrane vesicles (BBMV) prepared from 3- to 14-day-old and greater than 57-day-old guinea pigs. On standard diet, Vmax ( of Na+-Pi cotransport was higher (P less than 0.001) in newborn (650 +/- 77) than in adult (144 +/-(More)
The isolated perfused kidney of the guinea pig has been used to assess the mechanism that accounts for the maintenance of the positive phosphate (Pi) balance during development. The kidneys obtained from mature guinea pigs (n = 25) had a glomerular filtration rate (GFR) of 0.48 +/- 0.04 ml/min (mean +/- SE), whereas those of the newborn (n = 20) had a GFR(More)