Adrian Spirescu

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The data exploration paradigm of faceted browsing has been applied successfully in many systems that provide access to either semantic data or more conventional databases. A general limitation is that the user can examine the results for only one query (i.e., one combination of facet value constraints) at a time. But there are many everyday tasks for which(More)
The widely used paradigm of faceted browsing is limited by the fact that only one query and result set are displayed at a time. This demonstrator introduces an interaction design for <i>parallel faceted browsing</i> that makes it easy for a user to construct and view the results of multiple interrelated queries. The paradigm offers general benefits for a(More)
Following up on work presented at IESD 2012 introducing the paradigm of multifocal exploration of semantic data, the present paper reports on two user studies of prototypes that instantiate parallel faceted browsing---a generalization of faceted browsing that enables multiple interrelated queries and their results to be displayed at the same time. In the(More)
Planning a visit to Expo Milano 2015 or simply touring in Milan are activities that require a certain amount of a priori knowledge of the city. In this paper, we present the process of building such a comprehensive knowledge base, the 3cixty KB, that contains descriptions of events, places, transportation facilities and social activities, collected from(More)
The 3<scp>cixty</scp> platform supports the development of (mobile or web-based) applications that exploit a comprehensive urban knowledge base in innovative ways, offering a "360-degree view" of a city. We demonstrate an application, called E<scp>xplor</scp>MI 360, that makes use of the services offered by this platform and allows users to plan and conduct(More)
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