Adrian Spiegel

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The development and maintenance of myelinated nerves in the PNS requires constant and reciprocal communication between Schwann cells and their associated axons. However, little is known about the nature of the cell-surface molecules that mediate axon-glial interactions at the onset of myelination and during maintenance of the myelin sheath in the adult.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to evaluate the biomechanical properties of the APTUS wrist fusion plate in comparison to those of the AO wrist fusion plate. MATERIAL AND METHOD 6 APTUS wrist fusion plates (APTUS 2.5 TriLock Wrist Fusion Plate Long Bend) from Medartis (Basel, Switzerland) and 6 AO wrist fusion plates (= LCP Wrist Fusion Plate Standard(More)
Calcaneal fracture treatment is challenging. Implant failure is one problem encountered with plate osteosynthesis. Therefore a new “bionic” plate was developed, which imitates the trabecular orientation of the human calcaneus. The aim of this study was to biomechanically test this new plate in comparison to a “standard” calcaneal locking plate and present(More)
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