Adrian Slowik

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Highly scalable parallel computers, e.g. SCI-coupled workstation clusters, are NUMA architectures. Thus good static locality is essential for high performance and scalability of parallel programs on these machines. This paper describes novel techniques to optimize static locality at compilation time by application of data transformations and data(More)
This paper addresses the design automation of instruction set extensions for application-specific processors with emphasis on network processing. Within this domain, increasing performance demands and the ongoing development of network protocols both call for flexible and performance-optimized processors. Our approach represents a holistic methodology for(More)
The GigaNetIC project aims to develop high-speed components for networking applications based on massively parallel architectures. A central part of this project is the design, evaluation, and realization of a parameterizable network processing unit. In this paper we present a design methodology for network processors which encompasses the research areas(More)
The Internet-SCSI protocol [iSCSI] allows a client to interact with a remote SCSI-capable target by means of block-oriented commands encapsulated within TCP/IP packets. Thereby, iSCSI greatly simplifies storage virtualization, since clients can access storage in a unified manner, no matter whether the I/O-path is short or long distance. Intermediate devices(More)
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