Adrian Rothenbuhler

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We present our design exploration of reconfigurable Threshold Logic Gates (TLG) implemented using silver–chalcogenide memristive devices combined with CMOS circuits. Results from simulations and physical circuits are shown. A variety of linearly separable logic functions including AND, OR, NAND, NOR have been realized in discrete hardware using a(More)
Artificial neural networks have recently received renewed interest because of the discovery of the memristor. The memristor is the fourth basic circuit element, hypothesized to exist by Leon Chua in 1971 and physically realized in 2008. The two-terminal device acts like a resistor with memory and is therefore of great interest for use as a synapse in(More)
Engineering educators have found that students making the transition to real-time digital signal processing (DSP) from the more comfortable world of off-line processing using MATLAB must establish confidence in the hardware and software platform before significant learning can begin. In the audio realm, a talk-through project accomplishes this. For moving(More)
Thesis Title: Magnetic and structural properties of Ni-Mn-Ga films produced via physical vapor tri-deposition The following individuals read and discussed the thesis submitted by student Christopher Kimo Wilson, and they evaluated his presentation and response to questions during the final oral examination. They found that the student passed the final oral(More)
Materials scientists make use of image processing tools more and more as technology advances and the data volume that needs to be analyzed increases. We propose a method to optically measure magnetic field induced strain (MFIS) as well as twin boundary movement in Ni2MnGa single crystal shape memory alloys to facilitate spatially resolved tracking of(More)
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