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BACKGROUND Terminal duct lobular units (TDLU) are the predominant source of breast cancers. Lesser degrees of age-related TDLU involution have been associated with increased breast cancer risk, but factors that influence involution are largely unknown. We assessed whether circulating hormones, implicated in breast cancer risk, are associated with levels of(More)
Within the complex branching system of the breast, terminal duct lobular units (TDLUs) are the anatomical location where most cancer originates. With aging, TDLUs undergo physiological involution, reflected in a loss of structural components (acini) and a reduction in total number. Data suggest that women undergoing benign breast biopsies that do not show(More)
Medication errors are one of the safety problems most frequently seen in hospital organizations. It is estimated that 12.2% of all hospitalized patients are involved in some form of adverse drug event (ADE) [1]. A significant amount of ADEs result from handing the incorrect drug to a patient or prescribing the wrong medication. This paper introduces a(More)
Constructing an image classification system using strong, local invariant descriptors is both time consuming and tedious, requiring many experimentations and parameter tunings to obtain an adequately performing model. Furthermore training a system in a given domain and then migrating the model to a separate domain will likely yield poor performance. As the(More)
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