Adrian R. Yallop

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Increasing DOC concentrations in surface waters have been observed across parts of Europe and North America over the past few decades. Most proposed explanations for these widespread trends invoke climate change or reductions in sulphate deposition. However, these factors do not seem apposite to explain either the fine-scale (within kilometres) or(More)
The importance of soil storage in global carbon cycling is well recognised and factors leading to increased losses from this pool may act as a positive feedback mechanism in global warming. Upland peat soils are usually assumed to serve as carbon sinks, there is however increasing evidence of carbon loss from upland peat soils, and DOC concentrations in UK(More)
Lepidoptera play an important role in terrestrial ecosystems as pollinators, as components of the food chain and as indicators for healthy ecosystems due to their sensitivity to change. Heterogeneous landscapes with variability of topographical features, vegetation structure combined with food sources for all life stages are the basis for successful(More)
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