Adrian R. Plant

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A new dance fly (Empididae: Empidinae) with hugely modified male fore tarsus, either on the right, left, both or neither sides, is described from Japan. Such massive polymorphic asymmetry occurring with so high an incidence in a population is previously unreported. In view of the courtship behaviour of other Empidinae, we hypothesize that the oversized(More)
Extracellular pullulanase (pullulan 6-glucanohydrolase, EC was purified from cell free culture supernatants of Thermoanaerobium Tok6-B1 by ammonium sulphate precipitation, affinity precipitation, gel exclusion and ion exchange chromatography. A final purification factor of over 1600 was achieved. A molecular weight of 120 kD was determined by(More)
Eight new species of Hemerodromia Meigen are described from the Brazilian Atlantic forest, H. brevicercata sp. nov., H. carioca sp. nov., H. cornuhypandrialis sp. nov., H. megalamellata sp. nov., H. membranosa sp. nov., H. mourai sp. nov., H. cummingi sp. nov., and H. ubajaraensis sp. nov. are described and illustrated. This is the first record of the genus(More)
Bicellaria amankutanensis sp. nov. (Uzbekistan), B. chimganensis sp. nov. (Uzbekistan), B. farkaci sp. nov. (China), B. globulicauda sp. nov. (Uzbekistan), B. koreana sp. nov. (North Korea, Russia), B. kovalevi sp. nov. (Georgia), B. setitibia sp. nov. (Georgia), B. shatalkini sp. nov. (Russia), B. thailandica sp. nov. (Thailand), and B. woodi sp. nov.(More)
Ten new species of Hemerodromia Meigen, 1822 are described and illustrated from the Brazilian state of Amazonas: H. amazonensis sp. nov., H. breviradia sp. nov., H. cercusdilatata sp. nov., H. collini sp. nov., H. epandriocurvialis sp. nov., H. jauensis sp. nov., H. lamellata sp. nov., H. longilamellata sp. nov., H. maturaca sp. nov., H. smithi sp. nov.(More)
The genus Hemerodromia in Thailand is revised and full descriptions and keys are provided for all 25 species. Twenty new species are recognised: H. alphalutea sp. nov., H. anisoserrata sp. nov., H. anomala sp. nov., H. attenuata sp. nov., H betalutea sp. nov., H. conspecta sp. nov., H. deltalutea sp. nov., H. deminuta sp. nov., H. demissa sp. nov., H.(More)
A new minute-size empidoid fly genus, Gondwanamyiagen. n. and two new species (Gondwanamyia chilensis Cumming & Saigusa, sp. n., Gondwanamyia zealandica Sinclair & Brooks, sp. n.) are described, illustrated, and their distributions mapped. The family and subfamily assignments remain uncertain, but features of the female terminalia potentially suggest(More)
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