Adrian Rühm

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In gliomas molecular biomarkers are increasingly gaining diagnostic, prognostic and predictive significance. Determination of biomarker status after biopsy is important as not all patients are eligible for open tumor resection. We developed and validated prospectively (6/10–12/11) a protocol allowing for both reliable determination of multiple biomarkers(More)
The orientational distribution function of the nematic phase of suspensions of the semiflexible rodlike virus fd is measured by x-ray diffraction as a function of concentration and ionic strength. X-ray diffraction from a single-domain nematic phase of fd is influenced by interparticle correlations at low angle, while only intraparticle scatter contributes(More)
Proper treatment of deep seated brain tumors requires correct histological diagnosis which unambiguously necessitates biopsy sampling. Stereotactically guided sampling of biopsies is widely used but bears the danger of incorrect sampling locations and damage to intracerebral blood vessels. Here, we present a minimally invasive contact endoscopic probe that(More)
The dynamics of supported polymer films were studied by probing the surface height fluctuations as a function of lateral length scale using x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. Measurements were performed on polystyrene (PS) films of thicknesses varying from 84 to 333 nm at temperatures above the PS glass transition temperature. Within a range of wave(More)
Fluorescence diagnosis may be used to improve the safety and reliability of stereotactic brain tumor biopsies using biopsy needles with integrated fiber optics. Based on 5-aminolevulinic-acid-induced protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) fluorescence, vital tumor tissue can be localized in vivo during the excision procedure to reduce the number of necessary samples for(More)
The realization of a solid-supported lipid bilayer acting as a workbench for the study of membrane processes is a difficult task. For robustness, the bilayer has to be tethered to the substrate. At the same time, diffusion of the lipids and plastic deformations of the membrane should not be obstructed. Furthermore, a highly hydrated surrounding is(More)
Optische Diagnoseverfahren können die Tumorfrühdiagnostik im oberen Luft-Speise-Weg erleichtern und verbessern, haben sich jedoch bisher in der klinischen Routine nicht durchsetzen können. Ziel war die Definition der Probleme, die den Routineeinsatz optischer Diagnoseverfahren bisher verhindern, sowie Aufführung und Erläuterung möglicher, zukunftsweisender(More)
When downsizing technology, confinement and interface effects become enormously important. Shear imposes additional anisotropy on a liquid. This may induce inhomogeneities, which may have their origin close to the solid interface. For advancing the understanding of flow, information on structures on all length scales and in particular close to the solid(More)