Adrian Popescu

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This article addresses the diversification of image retrieval results in the context of image retrieval from social media. It proposes a benchmarking framework together with an annotated dataset and discusses the results achieved during the related task run in the MediaEval 2013 benchmark. 38 multimedia diversification systems, varying from graph-based(More)
A concept emerging from recent studies on obstacle avoidance in quadrupeds is that working memory of the height of an obstacle established by visual information is enhanced by motor interactions with the obstacle. In this investigation, we found that this concept is valid in adult humans when viewing and walking up stairs. The main finding was that the(More)
Social media intelligence is interested in detecting the massive propagation of similar visual content. It can be seen, under certain conditions, as a problem of detecting near duplicate images in a stream of web data. However, in the context considered, it requires not only an efficient indexing and searching algorithm but also to be fast to compute the(More)
Handwriting recognition systems usually rely on static dictionaries and language models. Full coverage of these dictionaries is generally not achieved when dealing with unrestricted document corpora due to the presence of Out-Of-Vocabulary (OOV) words. We propose an approach which uses the World Wide Web as a corpus to improve dictionary coverage. We(More)
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