Adrian Popescu

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A concept emerging from recent studies on obstacle avoidance in quadrupeds is that working memory of the height of an obstacle established by visual information is enhanced by motor interactions with the obstacle. In this investigation, we found that this concept is valid in adult humans when viewing and walking up stairs. The main finding was that the(More)
It is presumed that the observed cosmic rays up to about 3 × 10 18 eV are of Galactic origin, the particles being the ones which are found in the composition of the stellar winds of stars that explode as supernova into the interstellar medium (ISM) or into their winds. These particles are accelerated in the supernova shock. In order to obtain the observed(More)
The goal of this paper is to give a possible theoretical approach for a five-dimensional black hole internal geometry by using self-similar minimal surfaces for the representation of the three-dimensional projections of the considered manifolds. Knowing that for each minimal surface it must exist a conjugate surface and an associate family capable to(More)
This paper is firstly intended to review shortly the most recent developments and ideas resulting from the necessity of having a scale at which gravitation to unify the other fundamental forces. With the declared intention of predicting an in situ distinct possibility for Kaluza-Klein gravitons formation in the supernova shell we are using state of the art(More)
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