Adrian Popescu

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Over the last years, we have witnessed a rapid deployment of real-time applications on the Internet as well as many research works about Quality of Service (QoS), in particular IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). The inevitable exhaustion of the remaining IPv4 address pool has become progressively evident. As the evolution of Internet Protocol (IP)(More)
— Over the last years, the Internet has evolved towards becoming the dominant platform for deploying real time and multimedia services. This evolution has had as a consequence that the selection of an appropriate server, proxy or super node with reference to some specific QoS parameter becomes of paramount importance. We consider in our paper the specific(More)
This paper reports on transfer rate models for the Gnutella signaling protocol. New results on message-level and IP-level rates are presented. The models are based on traffic captured at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) campus in Sweden and offer several levels of gran-ularity: message type, application layer and network layer. The aim is to(More)
—We model and evaluate an infrastructure based cognitive radio network where impatient unlicensed or secondary users (SUs) offer elastic traffic. The interference created by SUs to the licensed users is analyzed when the secondary network uses two different spectrum access schemes, the conventional random access scheme and a new scheme we refer to as access(More)