Adrian Pickering

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The fatty acid distribution of the four major phospholipids has been determined in the erythrocytes of five patients with hereditary spherocytosis and in five control subjects. In contrast to a report by other workers, we are unable to confirm their findings of a defect in fatty acid chain lengthening activity leading to disappearance of long chain fatty(More)
We describe a conceptual framework that we have developed for evaluating primary care research networks. The framework includes objectives, process indicators, and outcome indicators. We propose the framework as a provisional model that we hope will promote further research and debate.
Microcosm is an open hypermedia system within which it is possible to make and follow links from one multimedia document to another. The open nature of the system gives rise to a number of difficult user interface issues which are demonstrated in the video. The system consists of a number of viewers which allow the user to view and interact with many(More)
The Microcosm hypermedia system is currently implemented in C under Microsoft Windows. Macintosh and Unix/Xversions have been prototype. The video shows the MS Windows version which is the most fully developed and has been integrated with several Windows applications. Microcosm consists of a number of viewers which allow the user to view and interact with(More)
The issue of how to define the legal status of the fetus is complex. Three clinical cases with fetal losses following motor vehicle accidents raise important issues regarding the legal status of the unborn child. Legislation was submitted to the New South Wales Parliament in the form of the Crimes Amendment (Grievous Bodily Harm) Bill 2005 (NSW) but was(More)
This phenomenological study examined relatives' lived experiences of complementary therapies in the Department of Critical Care Medicine at Royal Hobart Hospital. Participants in the study, 20 relatives of critically ill patients, were involved in a non-structured, audiotaped interview. Subsequently, transcripts were analysed using a phenomenological(More)
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