Adrian Papamarcou

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—A system which embeds watermarks in-dimensional Gaussian data and distributes them in compressed form is studied. The watermarked/compressed data have to satisfy a distortion constraint, and the watermark has to be recoverable in a private scenario (in which the original data are available at the watermark detector). The performance of the system in the(More)
This paper considers a fingerprinting system where 2 nR W distinct Gaussian fingerprints are embedded in respective copies of an n-dimensional i.i.d. Gaus-sian image. Copies are distributed to customers in digital form, using R Q bits per image dimension. By means of a coding theorem, a rate region for the pair (R Q , R W) is established such that (i) the(More)
This dissertation studies the problem of secret key generation for encrypted group communication in a network, based on an information theoretic approach. This approach, which relies on a provable form of security, also provides suggestions for key constructions. We examine the problem of the simultaneous generation of multiple keys by different groups of(More)