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This paper considers a fingerprinting system where 2 nR W distinct Gaussian fingerprints are embedded in respective copies of an n-dimensional i.i.d. Gaus-sian image. Copies are distributed to customers in digital form, using R Q bits per image dimension. By means of a coding theorem, a rate region for the pair (R Q , R W) is established such that (i) the(More)
—A system which embeds watermarks in-dimensional Gaussian data and distributes them in compressed form is studied. The watermarked/compressed data have to satisfy a distortion constraint, and the watermark has to be recoverable in a private scenario (in which the original data are available at the watermark detector). The performance of the system in the(More)
applies and teaches advanced methodologies of design and analysis to solve complex, hierarchical, heterogeneous and dynamic problems of engineering technology and systems for industry and government. Abstract A system which e m bedswatermarks in n-dimensional i.i.d. Gaussian images and distributes them in compressed form is studied. The performance of the(More)