Adrian Panasiuk

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Spreadsheets are among the most commonly used applications for data management and analysis. They combine data processing with very diverse supplementary features: statistics, visualization, reporting, linear programming solvers, Web queries periodically downloading data from external sources, etc. However, the spreadsheet paradigm of computation still(More)
A screening procedure for assessing the level of the psychic development of very young children was developed and tried on 210 healthy children. To evaluate the validity of this method, 50 children with mental retardation (debility) confirmed by extensive clinical examinations were studied. This test allows highly significant differentiation between(More)
A kinetic investigation of the human erythrocyte and housefly head acetylcholinesterase irreversible inhibition with thiovinyl phosphates is performed and an activation effect of thioalkyl alpha-substituents in the vinyl group is observed. Thiovinyl phosphates in vitro are less selective to the insect enzyme than the corresponding oxygen analogues. Their(More)
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