Adrian P. Stephens

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The SWAP specification for wireless voice and data networking within the home will enable a new class of mobile consumer devices that draw from the power and content of the Internet and the Home PC. If cable modems and xDSL represent the " last mile " access to the home, then HomeRF TM 's mission with SWAP could be called the " very last 150 feet " within(More)
The paper presents an analytic model for computing the capacity of an infrastructure IEEE 802.11 WLAN enhanced with the support of bidirectional MAC frame aggregation, which fits specifically well to TCP by allowing a TCP link to "piggyback" TCP ACK collection onto TCP data transmission and is being considered by the IEEE 802.11n task group as a standard(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify ways in which social support is related to the caregiving stress and well-being experienced by adult daughter caregivers. The study focused on a specific source of support, caregivers' husbands, and included reports from 126 caregivers and their husbands. Main and buffering effects of four types of support(More)
In this paper, we develop a transmission system, referred to as Dual Stream JPEG (DSJ), that improves the resiliency of JPEG video streams by unifying layered encoding with image scrambling techniques. Whereas layered encoding techniques naturally provide resiliency to isolated loss of low priority image data, scrambling techniques make it possible to(More)
A-MSDU MPDU frame 1 MPDU subframe 2 MPDU delimiter MPDU MSDU subframe 1 MPDU delimiter Pad MPDU MPDU frame 1 MPDU subframe 2 MSDU subframe 2 INTRODUCTION Over the last decade, the applications of wireless and cellular devices have expanded rapidly. The most popular network in the wireless domain is the IEEE 802.11 wireless local area network (WLAN) [1](More)
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