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A quality-control chart based on exponentially weighted moving averages (EWMA) has, in the past few years, become a popular tool for controlling inaccuracy in industrial quality control. In this paper, I explain the principles of this technique, present some numerical examples, and by computer simulation compare EWMA with other control charts currently used(More)
Many applications of virtual endoscopy require the display of background objects behind the semi-transparent surface of the investigated organ. This paper describes a new first-hit ray casting technique for efficient perspective iso-surfacing of arbitrarily selected objects of interest. Visualization is performed without the use of dedicated hardware or(More)
Transport and logistics faces fluctuations in cargo volume that statistically can only be captured with a large error. Observing and managing such dynamic volume fluctuations more effectively promises many benefits such as reducing unused transport capacity and ensuring timely delivery of cargo. This paper introduces an approach that combines user-friendly(More)
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