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The Cloud phenomenon brings along the cost-saving benefit of dynamic scaling. As a result, the question of efficient resource scaling arises. Prediction is necessary as the virtual resources that Cloud computing uses have a setup time that is not negligible. We propose an approach to the problem of workload prediction based on identifying similar past(More)
Many scientic applications are described through workow structures. Due to the increasing level of parallelism oered by modern computing infrastructures, workow applications now have to be composed not only of sequential programs, but also of parallel ones. Cloud platforms bring on-demand resource provisioning and pay-as-you-go payment charging. Then the(More)
This paper surveys the risks brought by multitenancy in software platforms, along with the most prominent solutions proposed to address them. A multitenant platform hosts and executes software from several users (tenants). The platform must ensure that no malicious or faulty code from any tenant can interfere with the normal execution of other users' code(More)
Over the past years, the Cloud phenomenon had an impressive increase in popularity in both the software industry and research worlds. The most interesting feature that Cloud Computing brings, from a Cloud client's point of view, is the on-demand resource provisioning model. This allows Cloud client platforms to be scaled up in order to accommodate more(More)
The cloud phenomenon is quickly growing towards becoming the de facto standard of Internet computing, storage and hosting both in industry and academia. The large scalability possibilities offered by cloud platforms can be harnessed not only for services and applications hosting but also as a raw on-demand computing resource. This paper proposes the use of(More)
Infrastructure as a Service clouds are a exible and fast way to obtain (virtual) resources as demand varies. Grids, on the other hand, are middleware platforms able to combine resources from dierent administrative domains for tasks execution. Clouds can be used by grids as providers of devices such as virtual machines, so they only use the resources they(More)
UNLABELLED Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP), a rare type of mesenchymal neoplasm, is defined by the WHO as a superficial sarcoma with low-grade malignancy that develops in the cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues. The purpose of this paper is to present a case of a giant DFSP, with post-traumatic onset in childhood and a very long evolution. CLINICAL(More)