Adrian Muraru

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We present a distributed agent based system used to monitor, configure and control complex, large scale data transfers in the Wide Area Network. The Localhost Information Service Agent (LISA) is a lightweight dynamic service that provides complete system and applications monitoring, is capable to dynamically configure system parameters and can help in(More)
The purpose of this article is to show the importance of mission planning in a fully automatic flight and the critical role of implementing Sense & Avoid (S&A) procedures at different categories of UAVs. Modern operation of UAVs implies the capability to handle separation provision and collision avoidance in a way similar to the manned aircrafts. The main(More)
This paper presents a novel resource management system based on active monitoring of grid resources, able to adapt to the changing conditions in large distributed systems. We start by presenting a formal model of the resource management system proposed with high emphasis on monitoring techniques devised to gather real-time feedback about the critical(More)
With the cybernetic implementation the modern battlefield will impact weapons systems which expands the uses of robotic systems and minimizes the use of human factors, keeping a rational integration between man and machine. Modern technologies offered by unmanned vehicles can provide a viable alternative to atypical confrontations. The article proposes an(More)
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